Intranet for Serneke

Client: Serneke
Type of project: Intranet
Role: Art Director and designer
Year: 2018
Link: Not public

Serneke, one of Sweden's foremost construction groups with a wide-ranging portfolio in contract and project development, approached us with a unique challenge - to build an effective and secure intranet.

Our journey began with a deep dive into Serneke's organizational dynamics through interviews and a comprehensive customer journey analysis. We conducted collaborative workshops to define the design and strategic direction for the new intranet. This iterative process led to the creation of a thoughtful design concept that encapsulated Serneke's identity.

With a keen focus on employees, we developed user-centric intranet design, making it effortless for individuals to locate the right colleague within the organization. We also introduced an internal "Instagram" feature, fostering connectivity and engagement among employees. The end result was a secure, user-friendly intranet that not only met Serneke's needs but also nurtured a sense of community and collaboration within the organization.


Look & feel workshop. The customer puts stickers on printed inspirational sites and elements to find the right direction for the new solution.


Using opposite words creates a direction for how the design should look like from a client point of view.



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┬ę Pierre Bremell
Art Director / Product Designer