For small and large organizations who wants to know more how to work effectively with design


Figma Way Of Working

In this lecture I focus on design processes and structure in Figma based on a design system. It’s also including effective file and page naming conventions and the creation of a smooth component workflow. Regardless of the company's size, I provided valuable guidance on customizing Figma to suit any specific needs.


Design Tokens

In this lecture, I'll take a closer look at Design Tokens and dive into what they are and how they make designs consistent. I also talk about how to create tokens, making the design projects more efficient, exploring different types of tokens and their unique uses.


AI Tools For Designers

AI tools are emerging more and more rapidly every day. But what tools are available for creating things like UI design, wireframes, or summarising workshops? In this lecture, I'll focus on what AI is and which tools are currently the most relevant.


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