Figma Way Of Working

Unlock the strategic possibilities of Figma's collaborative platform. Discover diverse methodologies for team organization, project structuring, design workflow and managing files and components. 


In this lecture I'll focus on:

What is Figma?

Learn how to structure your design projects using Frames and Sections. Explore a wide array of the tools, shared libraries, Dev Mode, and collaboration features. We’ll dive into interactive prototyping and tap into the Figma Community for global design inspiration.

Design System

Discover the power of Atomic Design Systems. Learn to structure interfaces efficiently and explore examples from foundational elements to complete components and design. Understand the benefits of a design system, creating consistency and flexibility in your projects

Structure for teams and projects

Explore effective team and project structuring in Figma. Learn best practices for setting up teams and projects, and discover strategies for file and page naming conventions. Streamline collaboration and organization for seamless design workflows

Design processes

Master the design process in Figma with a focus on components and workflows. Dive into efficient file setups and learn how to seamlessly hand off designs to developers. Enhance your design journey from concept to implementation.


Try out Figma Variables with my Variable setup

In this file you can open up Variables and play with values for colours, sizes, radius, padding, gaps  and  change of modes for light, dark and brand themes.

There are Variables for Breakpoints. Easy to move a frame with cards between mobile, tablet and desktop and see how they change size and way of stacking.

You'll also find Text Variables, in this case for switch of language - English to Swedish.


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