Design System for The Very Group

Client: The Very Group
Type of project: Design System
Role: Experience designer
Year: 2022-2023
Link: Not public

The Very Group is a leading UK-based online retailer, serving over 4 million customers across the country. In conjunction with a tech migration they have decided to implement a new Design System.

For one year I worked in a team and built up the Design System, called Fuse, with foundation, components, design processes and structure in Figma. I held workshops about Design Tokens that we implemented to the system and also educated the ux team how to work smart with Figma and the Design System.

The Design System includes user personas, guidelines and design principles. The accessibility was embedded in from the start and the Design System is tested for compliance with WCAG AA guidelines.


Design System is a set of guidelines, components, and standards used to create a consistent and cohesive user experience across digital products and services.


The Module process: Figma, Storybook and Frontify for documentation. Fuse governance team to implemenation.


Every foundation, component and pattern in Fuse Design System has been documented in Frontify.


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